4 Tips on Keeping Car Interior in Perfect Condition

4 Tips on Keeping Car Interior in Perfect Condition

Cleaning up at home at least once a week seems like a natural thing to do, but why then so many people skip cleaning routine for their cars? It’s highly important to keep the interior of your car clean for several reasons: health, comfort, visual aesthetic. Here are four useful tips and products that will help you with keeping your car’s interior in perfect condition.

Regular dusting

Make sure that your car isn’t dusty; otherwise, you and your passengers might develop breathing issues, not to mention the bad impact on people with dust allergy. You can do dry dusting as a quicker way of cleaning, but wet dusting is also needed, and we recommend doing it no rarer than once in a fortnight. With this microfiber cleaning towel, you can clean any surface in your car without leaving water stains.

Vent cleaning

Vents require special attention during cleaning, since they tend to accumulate a lot of dust. This two-end cleaning brush will help you reach the hardest spots in your car.

Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is actually a very fast process in getting your car nice and tidy. Plus, you can even use it for wet cleaning with this wet and dry car vacuum cleaner, in some cases, it can even replace the dusting. However, we recommend vacuum cleaning starting from the seat covers, then moving over to the door pockets and any gaps in the car, and finishing with mats and floors.


Finally, to secure the cleanness of your car and keep the interior in good condition, wax the surfaces. We recommend this great waxing solution that you can pair with this multifunctional waxing sponge to achieve a better effect. Now, your car is clean and shiny – keep it up!

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